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Yamaha V-ixion Reviews 2013

New Yamaha V-Ixion vs Honda CB150R Street Fire 2013 Full Specification and Price Latest

new yamaha v-ixion 2013 latest lightning
yamaha new image vixion lightning 2013

Hello bro! as otomania know, at the end of 2012 this two leading automotive giant two-wheeler homeland, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) and PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) released the newest sport bike products are almost the same. From the Yamaha, they officially announced its newest product in Bandung on 15 December 2012 the New Yamaha V-Ixion Lightning inspired YZF R1. While the neighbor confident with the presence of Honda CB150R Street Fire is first officially launching Sentul circuit in Bogor unique on 12-12-2012.

It is launching motor sport's two manufacturers have been waiting for the lovers of motor sport standard medium when they showcased their products at the Jakarta Motor Cycle Show (JMCS) november month. The surprise when it actually consumer more than the book CB150R Honda Yamaha V-Ixion Gallery. Maybe because at that time exhibited New Yamaha V-Ixion is not taking the kick starter so that consumers will feel that is like breaking down in the middle of the road instead be encouraged. (Excluding a few other factors as well). But finally at the official launch of New Vixion comes with two versions of the version with the kick starter and kick starter version without.

Complete Specifications New Yamaha Vixion 2013 vs. 2013 Honda CB150R Street Fire

2013 honda cb150r street fire
Honda images CB150R Street Fire 2013

After officially launching them, now we know the full specifications new Yamaha V-Ixion with Honda CB150R.

Body Design

New Yamaha Vixion carries the tagline The Lihtning like a bolt of lightning split the sky, the whole body looks handsome, sporty style headlight visors, body artistic side where body appears to have sharp corners like aerodinamic device. The entire body looks grim, solid front and the taper backward.
While rivals who brought the concept of naked sports bike that has a speedy design shape. Body forward in time to the most backward. Glance is a bit like the same old Vixion.

Frame Design

From their fork manufacturers adopt delta box frame which has also been applied in its predecessor. Machine as if hanging without support yet sturdy. The Yamaha chose this design because the delta box frame looks dashing and sporty like motor racing character. Meanwhile, the Honda, for CB150R uses steel diamond frame type (truss frame or trellis) making it lightweight yet sturdy and machine propped up and protected framework treallis seen it.

Specifications Engine

Judging from the kitchen spur, two motor sport is not much different, equally equipped with engine capacity of 150 cc and fuel injection. For New Yamaha V-Ixion 2013 specification engine 4 stroke, 4-valve, 5-speed (transmission), SOHC, liquid-cooled (liquied colled), able to catapult power up to 12.2 kW at 8500 RPM rotation, and with peak torque 14.5 Nm at 7500 RPM. The new engine is more fuel efficient claims 11 percent compared to its predecessors because it has the latest features such as installation of products attached Oxygen sensor, AC-DC open with controls, as well as setting the FI with the latest technology. Picked from various sources reportedly New Vixion's top speed was touched 140kmpj (seconds bibs).

While Honda engine specifications CB150R has 4 stroke, 4 valves, 6-speed, DOHC, liquid-cooled, capable of removing the power 12.5 kW (17.00 ps) at round 10,000 RPM and maximum torque of 13.1 Nm (1.34 kgf. m) at 8000 RPM rotation. Top speed can reach up to CB150R 122km/jam in a closed test data that is given to Honda, but hear-hear there was also a test to have reached 130kmpj even there until 137km/jam (various sources).

Fuel Consumption
As already explained above, New V-Ixion comes with several new features that more efficient fuel consumption. In tests on lalukan Yamaha, they claim 11% more efficient than its predecessor ie, by comparison 43km/liter than Vixion older versions only reaching 40km/liter.
While his rivals more extravagant again, the data provided to the Honda, fuel consumption CB150R only reach 36km / 1 liter. But otomania prove it both on the street.


New Yamaha V-Ixion has dimensions of length 2010 mm, width 705 mm and height of 1.30 mm. Wheelbase 1300 mm Lowest distance to the ground 165 mm, seat height 790 mm, weight of 129 kg.

While Honda CB150R StreetFire has dimensions of length 2008 mm, width 1061 mm and height 19mm. Wheelbase 1288 mm Lowest distance to the ground 148 mm, seat height 790 mm, an empty weight of 129 kg, a radius of 1980 mm minimum lap.

Other Features

Both do have their respective advantages. New V-Ixion have in common with the Yamaha YZF R1 which was also designed by Sakata San. Speedometer New V-Ixion inspired YZF R1 and coupled with emotional greetings "HI BRO" when the contact in turn. Nopol located at the top of the front headlamp and rear luggage rack seems to be no rear grip (grip rear). Tank and exhaust YZF R1 also adopt a sporty and premium. Cakrang front brakes with dual piston, single piston rear brake disc. Front tires have a size 90/80-17m / 46p, rear 120/70-17m/58p.

While Honda CB150R section features digital speedo panel dashboard speedometer, odometer, tripmeter, clock and fuel meter. Having a safety lock magnet (magnetic key shutter) so it is more secure when parked motorcycle. Telescopic front suspension, rear monosock pro-link rear system. Front brake discs behind. Racing wheel bolt pattern of star 6. 80/90-17m/44p Front tire size, rear 100/80-17m/52p with tubeless type tires.

Color Choice
For New V-Ixion have 4 color choices namely, ultra brave spirit, misterious solid black, titanium gold radiance, and white lightning redist. To CB150R Street Fire also has a choice of 4 colors, speed white, white lightning, astro black, red and furious.

Price New Yamaha V-Ixion 2013 and Honda CB150R StreetFire
For the price, it seems that they are also not less fierce competition. For New Yamaha V-Ixion 2013 Lightning priced slightly expensive that Rp.22, 4 million for non crank and Rp.22, 6 million for the kick starter version (the price on the road in Jakarta). While Honda CB150R StreetFire cheaper priced Rp.22 ie, 35 million (OTR Jakarta).

How Bro .. Settled instead. Indeed, both are very competitive both in terms of design, specifications, and price. Both also have their advantages and disadvantages of each. Just choose according to taste, it's all in your hands. So first bro! If there is one word or data because the data above I took from various sources, please corrected by commenting below. For those who want to add (testimonials) also can comment below, but do not be racist ya!.

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