Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Look 2013 Honda Vario CW

New Look 2013 Honda Vario CW

Honda Vario CW

show's new premises in 2013, with the new stripe color combinations that make the Honda Vario CW appear more trendy, stylist and unisex.

The main features of Honda Vario CW 2013:

Liquid cooled engine - liquid cooled engine that has been proven and proven reliability.
Dual keen headlight - double headlamps with multi-reflector sharply. Provide a more optimal lighting area in conditions straight or turn.
Lock brake - brake lever.
Side stand switch - standard automatic side.
Magnetic secure shutter key - the key security magnetic contacts.
Luggage capacity of 6 liters.

Honda Vario CW color options:

                                        Posh white (black and white)


                                         Blue shimmer white (blue and white)

                                           Glam red (red-black)

                                             Estilo black (black)

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