Wednesday, April 24, 2013

jupiter mx 2013 new color

jupiter mx 2013 new color

Coinciding with the launch of the Xeon injection .... apparently YIMM also released a new color duck Underbone Jupiter MX. New color looks more bold and luxurious dual tone color rely so much more interesting and eye catching. Can be drawn mzbro voyeur attached ....

Yamaha distinguish clutch version in writing "Jupiter MX" side fairing. While emphasizing graphic clutch auto color mixing flow like wind tunnels following the body lines sikuda iron. Berkubikasi 135cc 4 valve motors now have 6 colors namely red, white, purple, white-red, white-green, red-black, and purple-black.

Not much different from the 2012 version, Yamaha New JUPITER MX 2013 and cover only a specific change to a new, more sporty striping. Divided into two models, Yamaha New JUPITER MX 2013 Hand Clutch or clutch having hands and Yamaha New JUPITER MX 2013 Auto Clutch clutch that currently do not have hands. New Yamaha models for the JUPITER MX 2013 rear brake system Auto Clutch Drum wear. end Engine specs are still the same as the model Jupiter MX 2012

Engine type: 4 Step, 4 Valve SOHC, Liquid Cooled
Number / Position Cylinders: Single Cylinder / Vertical
Cylinder Volume: 134.4 cc
Bore x Stroke: 54.0 x 58.7 mm
Comparison Compression: 10.9: 1
Maximum power: 9:21 kW / 8500 rpm
Maximum torque: 12:14 Nm / 6000 rpm

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