Thursday, April 18, 2013

new bike 2013 YAMAHA YZF R250

 latest bike 2013 Yamaha yzf R250

                                                             Yamaha yzf R250

Yamaha Motor Sport 250 has been preparing her, named R250, which could possibly be ascertained enter Indonesian market. Citing articles via Visordown, R250 names prepared for fairingnya version, while the FZ250 is a type naked but uses the same engine and chassis.

This entry is legitimate only, see other manufacturers such as Kawasaki do the same. Kawasaki manufactures air-fairing sport bike from Kawasaki Ninja 250 and a naked version of its Z250. While Honda was preparing a naked bike from CBR250R sports bike.

Competition manufacturers in motor sport 250 cc segment is likely to grow stronger. After Honda and Kawasaki means fun playing without an opponent, Yamaha is now reportedly ready to give birth to an opponent for the CBR250R and the Ninja 250. This year is also the motor that will be named the YZF-R250 is shown.
Yamaha YZF-R250
Honda CBR250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250 in recent years than any other play in the classroom full-fairing sport bike 250 cc engine. Meanwhile, Suzuki Inazuma playing naked bike segment of the same engine.
                                                          Yamaha yzf R250

Although it comes too late, Yamaha also want to taste the market a quarter-liter motorcycle comparatively growing in developed countries.

Motor that has the code name 'Project 1W' by taking design inspiration from the Yamaha R6 is expected to shake up the market 250 cc owned CBR250R and the Ninja 250. And just like the last two opponents, ABS versions may also be given as an option.

As for the heart, the engine of this bike will likely be filled by a two-cylinder engine capable of producing about 35 bhp power and will be able to bring it to accelerate to 100 km / h in under 7 seconds.
  Yamaha yzf R250
In addition there is also Suzuki Inazuma yamaha that comes with the concept for a touring bike 250Cc.motor turing hobby,,,
Here below we give gambar2nya / tampilanya of this motor to the four had the same cylinder 250cc engine ....

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  1. sorry bro i have to correct you somehow,

    the picture below (motorcycle white and red) is actually a yzf-r125, not r250. However, the upcoming r250 WILL be using the yzf-r125 body and the difference is in the performance.

    p/s : couldn't wait for it to be launched!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this motorbike news with us. This bike will be one of the best bike of Yamaha.

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