Sunday, April 21, 2013

With the 125 Vario Idling Stop System Launched more efficient

 Vario 125 ISS more efficient

vario 125 ISS

Vario new output. This motorcycle he was arguably the most economical. Honda Vario 125 CBS is using technology Idling Stop System (ISS) is able to cover a distance of 76.1 km per liter for gasoline.

In a statement here on Wednesday, the figure is much more efficient than fuel consumption test results performed using methods ECE R40 AHM, recorded only 55.8 km per liter.

vario 125 ISS
When compared with the Honda Vario PGM-FI non-ISS, the latest variant of the Honda was able to save seven per cent more fuel efficient, and when compared with the Honda Vario type carburetor, it will save fuel up to 37 percent.

With this system, the machine can be more clearly Vario economical and environmentally friendly. You see, when the engine is

stopped, immediately stop work mesinya ISS. So there's no more gas is burned in vain and the emissions that come out of kenalpotnya even less.

The new system was adopted because Honda Vario CBS 125 Idling Stop is able to shut off the engine after the vehicle is stopped for more than three seconds, and back on when the gas lever rotated.

Honda Vario CBS 125 Idling Stop is still using the 125cc engine with best performance with enhanced Smart Power (ESP), ACG starter, and technology Honda PGM-FI injection environmentally friendly and in accordance with Euro 3 regulations.

vario 125 ISS
Honda Vario CBS Idling Stop 125 itself, in addition to having combi brake system braking system (CBS), also equipped with four-stroke engine type, SOHC pedinginan with fluid, and has a maximum power of 11.3 PS/8500 rpm, while maximum torque 1.1 kgf.m / 5000rpm.

The new variant has a long dimension of 1.918mm, 689mm width, and height of 1.103mm. For 1.281mm wheelbase, the lowest distance to the ground 128mm, and weighs 112 pounds empty.

CBS Vario 125 Idling Stop also has a tank capacity of 5.5 liters to use V-Matic automatic transmission, and electrical 12V-5Ah battery (type MF).

Some of the technology that had been around a long time maintained as ESP (Enhanced Smart Power) engine. Honda explained that this technology makes Vario machines become more minimal friction, the efficiency of the engine cooling system and transmission system for best performance in its class. 125cc engine that carried CBS Vario 125 with ISS is a global engine developed by Honda. With this technology will make Vario so more responsive traction. While sitem its PGM-FI fuel consumption also make 30% more efficient and emission gas so more environmentally friendly. Another technology is the ACG starter. With this technology, making the engine sound when the starter button is pressed becomes smoother and without the usual noise heard at Vario older generation.

To order used, a backbone frame with telescopic type front suspension, while the rear suspension uses a single swing arm with shockbreaker.

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